Philosophy, Empower you.

FOMO jewellery is made with one intention; to empower you.  We believe that every person has their own unique purpose in this world, and to stay in touch with it is essential. With this in mind, our jewellery is designed with a deeper meaning; to inspire and empower the wearer to stay in touch and grounded with their inner self, whilst living in harmony with the intention to fulfill their true calling in the outer world. 


Each piece takes inspiration from the fullness of life itself, from Bali, the magical island where the brand was born, and the most perfect form ever invented: nature.  We are focusing on making the dainty jewellery as versatile as possible, for you, or the women you adore, to be able to wear the jewellery for any occasion. Every accessory comes with its own meaning and affirmation; we believe in making pieces that resonate with its wearer. 

FOMO stands for “First On My Own”. It was founded by Farradiva in 2018. It holds special meaning to her as it is the first step she took in building an independent brand and her career as a jewellery designer. After one of her dreams of moving to Bali fell in place, she felt uninspired by her first job on the island and became empowered to fulfill her calling, to open her own business, and fell in love with the impeccable craftsmanship of local silversmiths. 


The small step of becoming empowered and believing in her dream brought her to today, a woman with a mission to empower others to start their own journey. To get inspired and believe in their own dream, to stay connected to their inner world, to live intentionally and in harmony. It’s not always easy, but remember that we are always guided and protected on this journey through life.

“At the beginning of my journey, I was empowered to start following my dream. It amazes me how strongly empowerment can happen, once one starts believing in their dream, things manifest itself.”

This is an invitation for you to believe in yourself.
To follow your unique purpose and reach your highest potential.
Choose jewellery that resonates with you,
and let the magic manifest in your life.
Let the jewellery empower you.

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