Each piece takes inspiration from the fullness of life itself, from Bali, the magical island where the brand was born, and the most perfect form ever invented: nature.  We are focusing on making the dainty jewellery as versatile as possible, for you, or the women you adore, to be able to wear the jewellery for any occasion. Every accessory comes with its own meaning and affirmation; we believe in making pieces that resonate with its wearer. 

Each jewellery is designed with intention in Bali using these materials,

925 sterling silver

18k Gold plated on sterling silver 

18k Gold plated on Brass

All of our gold-plated jewellery are 3 micron plated, which means each piece has 3 layers of 18k Gold plating. 

We mostly use sterling silver as the base material as it is the best type of precious metal in terms of quality and durability. It is proven to be hypoallergenic and we strongly recommend to choose this jewellery if you have sensitive skin.


We believe in making jewellery that is very versatile and can be worn on any occasion for a long period of time. We need you to love your jewellery as much as we love making them, so here is how you can take good care of your FOMO pieces. 


Avoid direct touch with any chemicals such as perfume, creams or sunscreen. And especially for gold plated jewellery, we recommend you to remove your pieces when you swim as moisture could damage the plating. Each one of our jewellery is handmade with care and it is very fine and delicate, so it will break if pulled during any robust activity. 


Sterling silver material can be cleaned using the special polishing cloth that is available in the market. For Gold Plated materials, we also recommend getting the special polish for gold & clean your pieces gently and with extra care. 

Please remember that all plated jewellery will fade away after some time. Therefore re-plating is necessary to get the fresh gold color back. 


When the jewellery is not worn, always store it in an airtight ziploc or any safe and dry cool place away from any direct sunlight to avoid any oxidisation, tarnish and tangling. 

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